Friday, March 04, 2005

And again

Here's Ponnuru's most recent post on The Corner and here's my response.

Update: My purchasing the web-sites with Ponnuru's name has generated a lot of attention. Two over-the-top comments that I discount were written on the closed thread on SCOTUSblog. But a sincere objection was put up on Greedy Clerks, and another sincere objection came by email (almost simultaneously) -- this one raising the prospect that buying the links was illegal. I agree with the Greedy Clerks post that it was over the top, which moots the latter point. I also appreciate the email, including particularly for the effort to help me not break the statute, about which I don't know anything. I'll figure out how to release the links or, if I can't do that, will turn them over to Ponnuru. I personally believe that the point I was trying to make was fair -- by putting Ponnuru's posts up front, letting readers make their own objections -- and warranted given the seriousness of Ponnuru's claims about Tribe and my objections. But I equally recognize that I'm too far into this to be sufficiently objective, and there isn't any excuse for violating the law. So, my apologies.

Incidentally, Ponnuru has written more -- to which I'll respond later -- but one feature of his newer posts is that they lack the personal insults of the earlier ones. So my releasing the domains may help de-escalate the level of rhetoric.

UPDATE: Promptly after writing this post, I did immediately release all the urls to the public domain. As of late Saturday night, the request seems not to have been processed yet, probably because it was on a Friday afternoon.